Voting Process

Micro influencers nominate themselves according to their niche and a renowned Arab and Internationally recognized jury will evaluate their efforts based on their creativity and strategic positioning. 


I INFLUENCE is partnering up with HypeAuditor by using the  most advanced fraud detection system, depicting fake followers and engagement activities. 


Nomination requirements: 

1. Nominees should have between 5,000 and 100,000 followers 

2. Creative content and clear positioning are important 

3. Should have collaborated with at least one brand of the same niche


Nomination process: 

1. Once the jury filters out the candidates, the online voting starts

2. People all over the world can access the platform to vote for their favorite influencer

3. Once the voting is over, the top performing profiles, per category, will fly out to Doha to attend the ceremony

4. A second jury will be choosing the final winner

5. Voting and filtering will be done with utmost transparency


2020 Important Dates:

15/5-15/7 Nomination Starts 

15/7-1/8 Jury One Filtering 

1/8-15/9 Voting Starts

15/9-1/10 Jury Two Filtering

1/10 Announce Top 3 Finalists

19/10 Makeup Masterclass with SirJohn

20/10 Event